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  • Insight

    Curriculum is more than meeting national standards and preparing students for the work world. Ideally, 21st Century curriculum prepares learners to become fully conscious, multi-literate, reflective and engaged.

    Learners need to be guided to awaken to their potential, seek tough solutions, incubate future masterpieces, become active advocates, and develop the leadership skills of tomorrow.

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  • Expertise

    We design courses using cutting edge pedagogical practices, including constructivism, critical pedagogy, ecological theory, problem-based learning, cognitive apprenticeship, situated cognition, Aboriginal learning, and the integration of technology, informatics and social media.

    We offer over 20 years of curriculum development expertise, specializing in higher education and life long learning.

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  • Why Use a Curriculum Expert?


    Being a great teacher does not automatically make you a great curriculum designer.
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Take Your Curriculum to the Next Level!

Curriculum is a living dynamic organization of (hopefully) meaningful concepts and learning experiences that prepare learners to engage with their world in more authentic, active and knowledgable ways.

Great curriculum guides teachers to dive deeper, to go beyond preparing learners to pass examinations or achieve national standards. It helps students to learn to really think, discover, explore, synthesize, analyze, integrate, and evaluate situations, contexts, relationships, and historical events with a mature level of discernment and insight.

Our curriculum experts can help you transform YOUR curriculum into a guide for true 21st Century preparation - at any grade level from early childhood to adult life long learning.

Curriculum Revisioning can be Transformative!

Whether you need to integrate technology, address multi-literacies, improve grades, or create order out of chaos, working with a curriculum expert can transform both the development process and the final product.

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