Curriculum Support Services

Curriculum Sage Support Services

Most educational organizations require curriculum support services at one time or another. We can provide temporary or more permanent support to ease your organization through planned, dictated, or mandatory curriculum assessment, planning and change. Whether your program or courses require minor revisions, moderate restructuring or complete transformation, we can assist you in the process.

Whether you are local or wish to work with a curriculum expert remotely, we can fulfill your needs. We have worked with many teams using a virtual approach, providing expertise and curriculum documents that meet the requirements for program effectiveness and renewal.

High quality professional programs demonstrate strong curriculum alignment between the intended (written) curriculum, the delivered (taught) curriculum, and the achieved (tested) curriculum. Curriculum alignment is basically a seamless coordination of what is written, taught, and tested. We can expertly guide your program through the curriculum alignment process.

Curriculum Alignment

Testing activities such as examinations and assignments are designed to reflect the students' knowledge and abilities in mastering the written curriculum. Student achievement impacts on redesign and revisions to the existing written curriculum as needed. The delivery of the taught curriculum influences the real-world experience of the written curriculum in action. Issues in delivery also influence revisions to the written curriculum if necessary.

No revision is too small. If you simply need an expert to review your current curriculum, and provide an assessment or recommendations, we are happy to accommodate you. If you require extensive revisions to promote quality or meet accreditation or standard guidelines, our services can also meet your needs.

Our consultant services are flexible and adaptable to your needs - we can advise, teach, guide, articulate and lead your curriculum revisions, planning and development with unobtrusive professionalism. We work with your staff, writers, and managers in a respectful and supportive way. Our ultimate aim is to create curriculum that serves your students well, and adheres to the demands and guidelines of the respective discipline served by your programs.

Staff Professional Development

Our experts can create unique and customized professional development resources that will lead your educational staff to the cutting edge of 21st century learning. We create materials, courses, and workshops that can be delivered in-house or virtually. Let us help you to provide the best possible integrative content for your staff.

We have successfully led various professional educator groups through a variety of curriculum related projects and change processes including the following:

  • Proper curriculum development, assessment and delivery
  • Integration of technology into the classroom
  • Articulation of program philosophy, mission, vision and objectives
  • Integration of cultural safety
  • Stimulating organizational change in an empowering manner
  • Adapting curriculum to meet national and professional standards
  • Enhancing curriculum to cultivate learning activities that support 21st century skills
  • Designing curriculum that supports student learning styles
  • Development of hybrid and e-learning delivery
  • Staff portfolio and life long learning plan development
  • Development of discipline-specific research skills

Curriculum Sage ServicesEducational Writing & Research Support

Do you need an educational report, proposal, literature review, e-book, or chapter written?

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Need an Education Website?

Besides providing curriculum development, we also offer aesthetic functional educational web site design.

  • Visually appealing
  • High Usability and Accessibility
  • Includes graphics and illustrations

We appeal to your students' sense of order, interest, and needs to provide meaningful and useful designs and teaching aids.

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