Curriculum Sage Services

Our curriculum services are reasonably priced, diverse, and adaptable to your needs. We apply cutting-edge techniques and knowledge to bring your curriculum alive. Curriculum development is hard and ardous work. It takes more than being a great teacher to create dynamic curriculum.

Whether you are looking for a curriculum consultant to ease you through the accreditation process, a curriculum designer to create new or revised 21st century content and processes, or a course and/or program writer who can fashion both in-class and online curriculum that will keep your students engaged with learning, we can meet your needs.

Virtually all education content is learned best when offered in a leveled manner, beginning with novice level instruction and moving up to more intermediate, then advanced preparation. Educational content can be leveled in a number of different ways, depending on the educational design being used.

Curriculum Sage Services

Your ability to level content is usually dependent on two main characteristics:

  • the temporal-spatial plans for the program (length of program, place of program delivery) and

  • how the content will be delivered (integrated into existing or planned content; or offered as a separate course(s) within a program).

Leveling can even occur within one stand-alone course: content is introduced at a basic level in the beginning, and slowly progresses to cover more advanced content.

Curriculum S.A.G.E.

Support Analysis Generation Evaluation
Consultant Assessment Proposals Accreditation Prep
Revisions Redesign Program Design Program Reports
Staff PD Change Process Course Design Test Design
Feedback Curriculum Mapping Elearning Design Formative, Summative
Academic Writing Recommendations Web Design Environmental Scan
Research Expertise Infographics Competencies

What We Do

As our name suggests. we provide Curriculum S.A.G.E.

Support, Analysis, Generation and Evaluation.

We can assist you at any stage of the curriculum design, redesign, or examination stage.

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Curriculum Sage ServicesEducational Writing & Research Support

Do you need an educational report, proposal, literature review, e-book, or chapter written?

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Need an Education Website?

Besides providing curriculum development, we also offer aesthetic functional educational web site design.

  • Visually appealing
  • High Usability and Accessibility
  • Includes graphics and illustrations

We appeal to your students' sense of order, interest, and needs to provide meaningful and useful designs and teaching aids.

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