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  • Professional

    All of our curriculum, consultant, design, writing, research, project managment and support work is done with the utmost integrity, respect, expertise, and care. We can work with local groups in person (Western Canada), or via telecommuting from a distance.

    We have been fortunate to work with schools, organizations, and individuals who want to make a difference in education and wish to work with the best in order to do so. The featured portfolio examples provide ample evidence of this.

  • Expertise

    Our portfolio features some of the work we have done with schools, educators, organizations, and individuals from around the globe. Various sections of the portfolio present examples of infographics, health, aboriginal, educational, business, technological, informatics, and e-learning curriculum, as well as relevant writing, research, graphics and web design.

    We offer over 20 years of curriculum development expertise, specializing in higher education and life long learning.

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  • Infographics Design
  • Health Curriculum Portfolio
  • Aboriginal Curriculum Portfolio

  • Infographics Design Portfolio

    Infographics Portfolio

    Aesthetic, visual and meaningful - we create infographics that relay your message clearly. View »

  • Health Curriculum Portfolio

    Health Curriculum Portfolio

    Our expertise in developing health courses and programs is cutting edge and outstanding. View »

  • Aboriginal Curriculum Portfolio

    Aboriginal Curriculum Portfolio

    Aboriginal self governance in education is one of our key goals and area of expertise.
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  • Educational Curriculum Portfolio

    Educational Curriculum Portfolio

    Selected samples of our past curriculum work, developed to improve teaching and pedagogy. View »

  • Business Curriculum Portfolio

    Business Curriculum Portfolio

    Curriculum samples of work created to enhance business and leadership education. View »

  • Informatics Curriculum Portfolio

    Informatics Curriculum Portfolio

    We specialize in informatics education, at both formal and professional development levels
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  • Technology Curriculum Portfolio

    Technology Curriculum Portfolio

    Examples of curriculum developed to help teachers integrate technology into education.
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  • E-learning Curriculum Portfolio

    E-learning Curriculum Portfolio

    E-learning is a speciality of ours, as illustrated by these theory & practice rich examples.
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  • Academic Writing Portfolio

    Academic Writing Portfolio

    Selected samploes of academic writing done for schools, organizations, and the web.
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Take Your Curriculum to the Next Level!

Curriculum is a living dynamic organization of (hopefully) meaningful concepts and learning experiences that prepare learners to engage with their world in more authentic, active and knowledgable ways.

Great curriculum guides teachers to dive deeper, to go beyond preparing learners to pass examinations or achieve national standards. It helps students to learn to really think, discover, explore, synthesize, analyze, integrate, and evaluate situations, contexts, relationships, and historical events with a mature level of discernment and insight.

Our curriculum experts can help you transform YOUR curriculum into a guide for true 21st Century preparation - at any grade level from early childhood to adult life long learning.

Curriculum Revisioning can be Transformative!

Whether you need to integrate technology, address multi-literacies, improve grades, or create order out of chaos, working with a curriculum expert can transform both the development process and the final product.

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